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Marketing Strategies


The first goal of the marketing strategy is to satisfy the various needs of consumers. To promote its multimedia products under the best conditions, Havit appointed regional officers and strategic partners in various European countries. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality products and service as well as marketing tools to promote the brand.

Relational Marketing:

Customer Orientation: Our team has the best training to guide you through your choices and provide you with the maximum of information for an easy and convenient use.

Customer Satisfaction: Havit is trying her best to satisfy customers in terms of quality, cost and time, thanks to its complete control of production processes and marketing. Our teams will provide concrete answers to the problems that arise every day at all levels of use.

Customer loyalty: Loyalty is associated with customers’ satisfaction. By discovering Havit range, the user can establish a direct link with our teams and follow all our technological innovations and participate in the development of our multimedia world.

Marketing Quality / Price Relation:

Havit adapted itself to the market and gained a competitive advantage thanks to its quality/price relation. Each product has been well studied to offer a logical relationship between quality, price and innovative technology. Indeed, all our prices are affordable but that does not mean a diminished quality. Thanks to our marketing strategy, we offer you the best products with competitive prices.

Visual Marketing:

Vision is indeed the first most developed sense in humans and this is what stimulates the user to focus on the product.

Packaging: For your sight pleasure, Havit designed packages with a unique concept, a great choice of colors and shapes attracting and easy to recognize.

Merchandising: Our products are easy to identify on the shelves, each product position is studied thoroughly in order to have an easy access and to satisfy the customer's aesthetic desire.

Shops: For a greater efficiency in sales and for the pleasure of the eyes of our consumers, Havit provides its outlets: gondolas, displays, posters and wall units with logo Havit to enhance our products and create our own universe -Havit-

Direct Advertising Support:

Havit offers a catalog that will ensure consistency of presentation and the aesthetic quality of communication introducing our various multimedia products, illustrated by high-resolution photos to give you a rather realistic impression of our products. And this, by mentioning their characteristics (references, sizes, options, use ...) to help you make your choice.

Web Marketing:

Havit has optimized its worldwide reputation by creating a website easy to navigate by arranging its products into categories where you can have all the necessary information about the characteristics of your favorite peripherals. Wherever you are ... access to Havit:

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